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For many, with age comes memory challenges, some more than others, and for more than ten percent, dementia or other diagnosable memory related conditions.
Traditionally, the focus has been on caring for medical needs. At Together Care we believe that who our residents are is just as important as their medical needs. 
The first question we asked ourselves was “How many of us grew up in institutions?”. We asked ourselves because longterm and assisted living care is traditionally just that. 
Many of us also noticed that as our parents and grandparents grow older, their memory turns towards their younger years, when many of them lived in a house. As memory fails, familiar surroundings become a high focus point for stability and confidence, and continues to do so as care needs increase. So we asked ourselves what do we would do about this?
Our first decision was to chose a house as our home and limit residents to ten per home — thus retaining that home-like experience and smoothing the transition process. Next we decided that we would promise to continue to provide care for as long as our residents wish, ensuring that they would never need to seek care elsewhere, especially important as their memory challenges advance.
We then decided that the best way to coax out who our residents are and what’s important to them, was by talking. To achieve this, we chose a soothing, open concept home, designed to engage our residents socially – to talk with us and to encourage them to talk with others — to share their memories, their experiences, the happy moments in their lives past, present and future.
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When we refer to the place where our residents live, we call it home. Because it is a home. It’s a home environment where instead of a nurse’s station we have a kitchen island. Where, every morning, our residents walk out into a large open-concept living space to be greeted by the smiling faces of residents and caregivers alike. It’s a home where residents and their families members can spend the day relaxing on the deck, hanging out around the kitchen island, playing games or spending the evening watching a movie together.

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Together Care is about interaction, it’s about involvement and participation. We’ve read the studies, we’ve seen it in practice. An engaged mind is a happy mind. That’s why we believe very strongly in the importance of providing a home where our residents feel engaged. At Together Care, every Caregiver from Director of Care to Volunteer spends quality time with our residents playing games, socializing, interacting... together.

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BBQ and Outdoors

What reminds us better of spring than the sight of blossoming flowers; or the smell of food on barbeque and the beauty of the extended twilight on a Canadian summer evening. A rich, full life begs that we celebrate the gentle awe-inspiring wonder of nature. So many of us enjoy these moments at home in our backyard, and because Together Care residents live in a house - in a home, we too celebrate these moments from the comfort of our own backyard.

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Focus on Specialties

Large retirement homes and communities have specialized areas for more involved care, but even they have limits, especially where maintaining security and consistency is concerned. By design, larger retirement homes are therefore traditionally less interested and less equipped for high needs residents, especially as these residents develop a need for a one-on-one level of care. In the Elder Care industry, this is called a two person transfer. It is expensive, disruptive and a half-solution, focussing on enabling the resident to continue in the same environment.

As our aging population continues to grow, the demand for memory challenge specific care grows too. That's why Together Care specializes in those experiencing dementia and memory challenges, with low, medium and high level needs, and for as long as care is needed.

What kind of a life do you want for your loved one?

The Together Care experience is about celebrating life — about living our lives happily, together, with the support we need to make the experience as seamless and natural as possible.

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