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We’ve seen our enhanced elder care model put to the test in St. Catharine’s Pioneer Elder Care and it’s a wonderful success, but there are more people out there who need this experience, who want this experience, and we’re here to help. Together Care is gathering investors for its debut side-by-side homes. We’ve selected Collingwood, ON – a beautiful vacation town, now becoming one of Canada’s fastest growing retirement communities.

If you have a family member who need this care too, let us know and we’ll do everything in our power to make this dream a reality in their area too. Contact for details.

Alzheimer’s, Dementia and all forms of Memory Challenges are by no means regional or cultural conditions. They are prevailant in every community across Canada and the demand constantly growing in folds. If you feel comfortable investing and would like to see that investment made where it can do good, we encourage you to explore our investment section and contact us. Our investment opportunities are easy to understand and provide immediate bricks and mortar, tangible ownership. Contact for details.

Want to participate in the experience? We’re looking for registered nurses, psws, residency co-ordinators and volunteers. Contact for details.


Advisory Board


Edward Walker is an entrepreneur and project manager who’s experience with Pioneer Elder Care and business development has led to the founding of Together Care. Edward’s previous experience in developing wellness industry businesses brings an added flair to the care model of Together Care.

Edward Walker

Avner Avraham is a career Assisted Living Services Manager and Partner of the Israeli Yad Beyachad retirement home chain.

Avner Avraham

Management Consultant

Co-Founder and Director of Care for Pioneer Elder Care, Lynne Martin was formerly a Compliance Consultant and Director of Care for retirement homes across the Eastern US and Ontario.

Lynne Martin

Care and Compliance Consultant

Through her marketing expertise, Romi Avraham led Pioneer Elder Care from a 25% occupancy, beyond it’s goal of full capacity and into an extensive wait-list.

Romi Avraham

Marketing Consultant