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Life at Together Care

Everyday starts with a smile, residents wake up at their leisure and step out of their rooms to the welcoming faces of our caregivers and fellow residents. With the help of our caregivers, residents go about their unique daily routine, eat breakfast and prepare for the day ahead.

Each day, residents gain their berings with news and current events, play games and assemble puzzles, socialize and watch movies. A great way to picture life at Together Care is to imagine a liesurely family weekend at the cottage. The major difference is that Together Care provides residents with what they need to actively participate. At mealtimes residents eat together or separately as they wish. When hungry for a snack, residents can be found at the kitchen island, lounging on the couch, on the patio or wherever they wish sipping on tea, a cool drink or whatever they desire.


Family members are encouraged to pop in in just like at any other family home. Some stop by for a quick visit, while others spend the day. Some bring fresh fruit and together everyone shares a fresh afternoon shake.

Come dinner, a wonderful meal is home cooked. Residents, caregivers and often family members join in together eating, talking laughing and celebrating another wonderful day.

The Together Care experience is about celebrating life — about living our lives happily, together, with the support we need to make the experience as seamless and natural as possible.

At Together Care, our residents are family, and as family, our residents are welcome to live with us for as long as they wish. We’ll care for any needs that may arise and never ask for additional fees.

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A Unique Approach to Ensuring Quality of Life

Alzheimer's and Dementia are exponentially growing realities that all of us as Canadians need to engage with the utmost seriousness. That's why Together Care is making a stand, not in resistance but as a pillar of support potentially for you, for a family member or a friend's family member. As Canadians we enjoy a quality of life nearly unprecedented in the world. We need to ensure that, that experience is enjoyed by all of our elderly. With more than 10% of Ontario’s elderly experiencing memory challenges like Alzheimer’s and Dementia, that means ensuring they too enjoy our sandard of living regardless of their medical challenges. By providing an engagement-rich residential home environment, with standards of care well above the norm, we make Together Care’s vision of a better life a reality.

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Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

Our habits and pasttimes are a big part of what make each of us who we are. Identitiy and sharing in experiences are therefore essential to a high quality of life. That’s why engaging residents is so important. By talking with residents, by spending time with them we learn about their life. Then, instead of focussing on the condition, we can focus on the person, participating in activities related to their life experiences

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TV and Movies

Television and movies provide entertainment, but they also provide context and experience. That’s why we include television and movies in our routine. Sometimes this means watching a show that a resident likes to follow, or watching a sports event like the world series or the Olympics. Television can be used as a tool providing experiences beyond the home, feeding topics for new conversations and triggering past memories.

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Holidays and Sporting Events

Holidays and sporting events are essential in reminding ourselves of the importance of family and being together. For that very reason, we encourage our residents and their families to take advantage of these memorable moments and celebrate in our homes, together with our residents and caregivers.