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About Our Companion Service

The Together Care Companions programme pairs Ontario’s elderly with young university students and graduates who enjoy spending time with elders.

Our service is designed for seniors who can eat, bathe and care for themselves, but would enjoy a little company or someone to help them get out and about. They’re looking for a friend, someone to help them keep physically, mentally and socially active.

At TogetherCare, we believe life is about more than our medical needs. That’s why rather than replace a caregiver, TogetherCare’s Companions are here to make sure your days are full of warmth and happiness

So what can you and your companion do?

Together Care Companions are here to be a friend and help you regain your sense of independence. That means a companion can do anything like sit and chat or play games, and while we’re not a transportation service, TogetherCare’s companions can also take you to the mall to run errands, the grocery store or drug store. A companion can accompany you for a visit to the doctor, dentist or hospital, or even to get a haircut.

Your companion is there with you, to help you continue doing whatever you’re used to doing, and maybe even something new!

Ideas for what you can do with your companion:

  • Have lunch together
  • Play a game or assemble a puzzle
  • Go for a walk
  • Sit and chat
  • Sort through those old family photos
  • Go to a doctor’s appointment
  • Attend a wedding or celebration
  • Help with hospital visits
  • Get to and from the airport
  • Go to the salon or barber
  • Grocery shopping
  • Go to the mall or run errands
  • And much more!

Need help remembering important appointments?

We can help you remember them and get you there on time. We can even note important information and help relay it to a loved one, family, nurse or whomever you’d like. All you have to do is ask, we’re here to help.


We’re available when you need us. Our pricing is based on onsite or visits that require us to drive you. We’re available for one time visits or on a regular basis. Your life is unique and we want to help keep it that way. Call us for details: (289) 475-5823

Your companion can be there with you, to help you continue doing whatever you’re used to doing.

Single Visit

$50 hour
Single Hour Visits Only, paid per visit
  • Paid prior or at the end of the visit
  • Great for:
  • occasional or on-demand visits
  • when family's out of town
  • someone to wait with you during hospital visits
  • a chaperone for a social gathering 

Biweekly Visits

$45 hour
$387 Paid on a Monthly Basis
  • 2 hours per week, planned in advance
  • Great for:
  • an occasional dinner guest
  • watching a movie
  • running errands
  • a trip to the mall
  • a partner to play a puzzle or boardgame

Regular Visits

$40 hour
$516 Paid on a Monthly Basis
  • 3 hour per week, planned in advance
  • Great for:
  • a friend to chat and relax with
  • a regular dinner guest
  • a friend to go on outings and run errands with
  • a friend to take you gift shopping and to the mall
  • keeping you company at doctor's visits, the hospital

5 Hour Pass

$47$2355 hours
$235 Paid in Advance For 5 Hours
  • valid for 3 months
  • Great for:
  • occasional or on-demand visits
  • when family's out of town

10 Hour Pass

$46$46010 hours
$460 Paid in Advance For 10 Hours
  • valid for 3 months
  • Great for:
  • occasional or on-demand visits
  • a friend to go on outings and run errands with
  • keeping you company at doctor's visits, the hospital

Additional Info

  • Companion services are billed at a minimum of one hour, and at 30 minute intervals thereafter.
  • While the goal of this service is to provide companionship, as a courtesy, 15km/h of driving is available free of charge. Please notify us in advance if this is required, as not all companions have suitable vehicles or insurance to support transportation.

Additional Rates

  • rates include a courtesy 15km per hour where necessary, additional driving will be charged at a rate of $1.00/km.
  • out of pocket expenses paid by companions of behalf of their senior incur additional 20% fee
  • visits outside regular hours will be charged at current rate x1.5 of occasional seniors. Rate increase is waived for seniors on ongoing scheduled visits plans.

Meet Our Companions

Want to become a Companion?

If you have the passion to help and be there for others, Together Care Companions might be the right job for you! We are always looking for kind faces to take part in our service, contact us today and we'll get you started.

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How our service works:

Visits are billed at a one hour minimum, and half hourly, thereafter. Upon request and as a courtesy, companions offer 15km/h transportation per hour free of charge. Should a visit require driving further, additional driving, is billed at $1/km. Transportation is assumed as a round trip, therefore the time to drive back to a senior's home is considered part of a visit. For example, a trip to the mall is assumed to commence at pickup at home -- "Point A", drive to the mall -- "Point B" and conclude when the senior is dropped back off home -- "Point A".

In the case of one way transportation, such as assistance with getting to or from the airport, billing continues until the companion reaches either their next visit or the distance required to return to the senior's home, whichever is closer. Additional fees, such as 407, parking, etc. are not included in the cost of a visit and are the senior's responsibility.

Should a senior request a companion take them for lunch, a movie, or other paid admittance activity, the senior is expected to cover their companion's expenses. The exception is situations where companion participation is not required, such as a snack in a mall food court or drive-thru pickup, although it may sill be courteous to do so. While compensated for their time, it is important to remember that Together Care Companions are friends as opposed to medical caregivers.

Purchasing, expenses and bank visits:

Seniors are encouraged to conduct their own financial transactions and pay any additional charges incurred during a visit as they occur. Seniors or their POA are required to complete a purchasing, expense and banking permission form, outlining amounts and types of purchases permitted while with a companion.

In the event a senior requires assistance, it is recommended that a prepaid reload-able gift card, such as those available via Canada Post, is provided to the companion in advance of the visit. Receipts will be collected at each purchase and will account for the balance spent on the card. In the event that a companion pays out of pocket for expenses, the total expense plus 20% will be billed to the senior's account.

Accessible Parking Permit:

We recommend that all seniors eligible, apply for an accessible parking permit. The process is entirely free. It requires a two part form and a visit to a Service Ontario office. The first part of the form is completed by the senior and the second part, by there doctor. Afterwards, the forms are submitted at a Service Ontario office and three weeks later, voila. For more details, visit the Service Ontario website

Service Ontario website

Doctor, hospital, dentist and other appointments:

Your Together Care Companion is like a best friend -- someone you can rely on. Should you wish, your companion can take you to and from your appointments, they can also participate in making notes on information imparted during these appointments for your own records or to be relayed to family or whomever you wish. It is important to remember that companions are friends, not medical experts and thus cannot take medical responsibility for seniors.

Last minute visits:

Sometimes we find ourselves in a jam -- we need a friend to help us, and the timing may be less than ideal. Sometimes its last minute help getting to a celebration, shopping, or being kept company and taken home after an unscheduled hospital visit. Whatever the reason, we'll do our best to help. If your regular companion is unavailable, we'll do our best to find one of our other compassionate companions to help you out.