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Together Care was founded to provided the highest level of assisted living care for Ontario's elderly experiencing late stage dementia and memory challenges. Focussing on ten residents per home enables us to provide a unique style of personal and professional care for your loved one around the clock, in an inviting, feel-at-home environment that encourages engagement, bonding and social interaction.

At Together Care we have all your needs in mind

Looking for a caring home for a loved one?

We believe that the home our residents live in is just as important as the people they live with, which is why every detail in our homes is geared towards encouraging a social environment for your loved one, for you and for our staff.

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What kind of a life do you want for your loved one?

The Together Care experience is about celebrating life — about living our lives happily, together, with the support we need to make the experience as seamless and natural as possible.

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What do you really want your care dollars to buy?

Deep down, we're all looking for peace of mind and a happy life. That's why Together Care aims for an all inclusive price and to keep things that way for as long as care is needed.

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Is someone you love in need of assistance with daily activities?

When you choose Together Care for a loved one, we want you to rest assured that their needs will be cared for, and that they will enjoy living with us, so that when you come to visit, you can feel free to relax and enjoying each other's company.

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Building a new vision for care, Together

In St. Catharines a dream was born. Pioneer Elder Care – Ontario’s first full-service, one-price, ten-resident home specializing in private assisted living care for all levels of dementia and memory challenges opened its doors nearly two years ago and it’s a huge success. But together, more than 200,000 of Ontario’s elderly are living with dementia. By 2036, that number is set reach nearly half a million.

Working closely with Pioneer Elder Care’s Co-Founder and Director of Care, Lynne Martin, Together Care seeks to bring an all inclusive private assisted living service providing a highly interactive, care-free environment to elderly living with all levels of Dementia, all across Ontario.

  • Specializing in dementia and memory challenges
  • Assisted living care for ALL stages of dementia
  • Total Care / Level 5 dementia cases welcome
  • High level, continuous quality care
  • One set price for all residents
  • Engaging, social environment
  • Intimate, home-like experience
  • 24hr professional care
  • Onsite/On-call Registered Nurse
  • High ratio of certified Personal Support Workers
  • House Doctor available

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